Too Faced Chocolate Bar Comparison: Original vs Semi Sweet

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Too Faced has been a brand that I gravitate towards when purchasing eyeshadows for years. I’ve had the original Chocolate Bar Palette for quite some time now and I recently managed to get my hands on the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar.


The original Too Faced Chocolate Bar is a predominately warm-toned eyeshadow palette that resembles… and smells like, a chocolate bar. The palette contains 16 pigmented, soft, blendable shades that can be used during the day or night.

Overall, the formulation of the shadows is creamy and blendable. The lighter shades are really pigmented which is something I always test first when buying a new product. However, this also makes the lighter shades slightly more powdery than the rest.

I have applied these shadows with my fingers and a brush and both techniques work fabulously. To get the best results I generally lean towards using a brush for the darker shades and my finger for the lighter shades.

The one thing that really bugs me about this palette is that the eyeshadows names are not included on the packaging. Instead, they have included a clear plastic sheet detailing the names – that frankly will just get lost in any beauty lovers collection.


The Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette is the newer, darker version of the original Chocolate Bar Palette. The colours are all slightly warmer and there is a great range of both matte and shimmer shadows.

This palette is much like the first in formulation, design and the delicious smell. However, this time they included the names of each shadow on the packaging – much to my delight.

With this palette I find myself gravitating towards shades like Pink Sugar, Butter Pecan, Rum Raisin and Nougat. I don’t think I will ever use Blueberry Swirl and I believe the palette could definitely do without it.

Both palettes are absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the price, which do you prefer?

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  1. I prefer the original, but the semi-sweet looks lovely too! Great post <3

  2. I definitely prefer the original. I think Blueberry Swirl in the newer palette is so random, like it doesn't really belong there haha. The other shades do look lovely though :)
    Leah xx


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