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Saturday, 6 June 2015

When I started becoming more and more interested in investing in high end makeup MAC was the obvious place to start. Except, when you're new to the world of high end makeup even the MAC store alone is a very daunting place. So whether you've got no idea where to start and you want to know what's worth the money, or if you're a beauty addict like myself, with an expanding make-up collection, here are my favourite products from MAC...

Mac Blankety - If you've followed me for a while now, you'd know that this lipstick is what I reach for when I'm after the 'Kylie Jenner Look'. It's the perfect dark nude for when I'm pale and a basic nude when I'm using fake tan. It's probably my most reached for Mac Lipstick because of the formulation, it wears off perfectly and is quite matte without being too drying. 

Mac Velvet Teddy is a newer lipstick in my collection. I recently picked it up so I had a darker nude/brown for when I'm using fake tan. It's very "Kylie Jenner" and it looks absolutely gorgeous when I am tan and I even use it occasionally when I'm pale. It's a matte lipstick so it is a little drying but it stays on all day... even when you're stuffing your face with food. 
Mac Hue was one of my first lipsticks from Mac and I go through phases were I wear it to death. I generally use this one when I haven't fake tanned. The colour is perfect for my light skin tone and it leaves a glossy finish. I generally steer towards this lipstick when I'm after something light and easy. If your lips are dry it can often stick to dry patches but looks absolutely gorgeous if your lips are in good condition. 
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - If you haven't ever heard of this concealer than I will genuinely be surprised. I have been using this concealer for a few years now and will always ensure that it's in my collection. It works brilliantly to cover up blemishes and you honestly need the smallest amount of product. It's one of my all time favourite concealers!

Mac Satin Taupe - I had seen this particular eyeshadow being raved about years before I actually purchased it. It really is the perfect satin taupe eyeshadow. The formulation is creamy and easy to apply and can be worn with so many different looks. If you are after a versatile shade that can be worn day or night I highly recommend picking this one up. 
Mac Omega - As I'm sure you can tell by the giant hole I've left in this shadow, it is my all time favourite Mac eyeshadow. It actually reminds me alot of the Urban Decay shadow 'Naked 2'. I use this shadow mostly to fill in my eyebrows but it also doubles as the perfect ashy crease colour. This is a must have in every girls collection.
Mac Soft and Gentle - This is by far one of my favourite highlighters in my entire collection and believe me, a little goes a long way. I don't think I'll ever need to repurchase this one, simply because you get so much product! It is a gorgeous shimmery golden highlight that can be applied to your highlight points and your eyelids. As an eyeshadow it provides a subtle shimmer and looks perfect when paired with a bronzer in the crease. 
Mac Well Dressed - This. Blush. Is. Perfect. and is the only blush in my entire collection that I've actually come this close to finishing. I always find myself falling in love with new blushes and neglecting my older ones, however I always come back to well dressed. It is a gorgeous pink that is mostly matte but when applied to the skin gives a subtle glow. If you have pale skin you need to get your butt down to your Mac store and purchase this blush. I'm 99% sure that it's my favourite blush of all time and I know so many people who would agree with me.

Sorry for the sad state of the packaging for half of these products... they really are well used and very loved. If you haven't tried any of these products I really do recommend you pop into your MAC store and at least swatch them.

What are your favourite MAC products?

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  1. I've never owned any MAC products before... Have done a lot of internet browsing at them haha but never actually purchased anything because there isn't any in any shops near me :( would love to get MAC Velvet Teddy though, have heard amazing things about it and it looks gorgeous! :) Em xx

  2. Love these products! Especially the mac lipsticks. xx

  3. I have yet to lose my "mac virginity" haha, but this post makes me want to go out and buy everything. xx

  4. Great post. I love the colours you have picked for the starter kit, they are simple and light!

    Sonam -

  5. I so want to try the Mac lipsticks, everybody raves about them! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

  6. Those lipsticks and highlighter are so pretty. <3 You must be a Kylie Jenner fan. :) Mac is such a classic makeup brand. We enjoyed your picks! xox

  7. Totally understand where you're coming from - I just "upgraded" my foundation, and MAC was the perfect next step!

    x Síle
    Any Idle Sunday

  8. I barely own any MAC makeup so this is such a useful post!
    Rachel Coco

  9. Just bought MAC Faux lipstick... Love it! I also bought Soft & Gentle and I like it too, but realized I had a dupe that is ridiculously cheaper. Great post!




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