Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

One thing I love about Autumn and Winter is the chance to play with deeper coloured eyeshadows, lipstick and nail polishes... Here are my favourite Autumn/Winter essentials. 

With the release of the Hourglass Modernist palettes came a lot of scrutiny. I'm not sure whether it was peoples high expectations of Hourglass or the hefty price tag ($76AUD). It seemed alot of bloggers weren't impressed with these, I have to disagree completely. I absolutely adore this palette (Exposure), and its creamy texture. The colours in this palette are rich, smooth and perfect for Autumn/Winter. They can be worn in so many different ways and the mauve tones are perfect for my brown eyes. They can be a little powdery but the colours are well worth the little extra effort. If you're an avid beauty collector than I think this product is worth checking out!

I've had this Topshop lipstick in Inhibition for a few years now and I fall back in love with it every Autumn/Winter. At the time I purchased it, I was after a dark purple/maroon lipstick for relatively cheap and I was honestly so impressed when I found this one. For $16 I have found the perfect Autumn colour that I can always rely on to deepen up my look. 

I've also been loving these nail polishes from China Glaze and OPI, two brands I have loved for the longest time. I find that a nude polish is absolutely essential year round but especially during Autumn. The shade 'Don't Pretzel my Buttons' by OPI is the perfect nude for pale skin. I struggled for so long to find a nude that didn't look ridiculous on my fair skin and as soon as I swatched this colour I knew I had to own it. Nude is particularly trendy right now so I've been using it more than ever. 'Smoke and Ashes' by China Glaze is a little more daring than 'Pretzel my Buttons' but I absolutely adore wearing it with a black outfit on a night out. When applied it is a gorgeous black with a subtle blue/green shimmer.

What are your Autumn/Winter essentials?

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  1. Your topshop lipstick is an amazing colour and so is your OPI nail polish :-)

  2. I agree with Olivia, that topshop lipstick is a great colour! I've been after a berry colour for awhile now and I really like that shade. Love the OPI name "don't pretzel my buttons" haha x

  3. your photography is amazing, everything looks so pretty! I really like the China Glaze polish:)
    muted blooms

  4. The topshop lipstick looks incredible! x


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